About the Program

Pathways Reading Therapy is a Christian learning centre, and a provider of the Loftier Learning and Literacy Program for Reading. We take pride in offering the best Dyslexia Recovery Program available. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our students in providing high quality one-on-one lessons given by a Certified Reading Therapist.

teacher reading
Students are assessed using the Dyslexia Determination Test (DDT), administered by a Certified Reading Therapist. Once a student has been assessed for their reading grade level, the Loftier Learning and Literacy Program can be given. On average, it takes 40 to 60 hours to climb ahead from 2 to 6 grades in word attack. Lessons are offered by the hour twice weekly. The Loftier Learning and Literacy Program is a visual-spatial reading, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension program for reading lag, dyslexia, ADD and ESL students of ALL ages.

Pathways Reading Therapy offers students a new beginning through a rapid right-brained decoding program for auditory, visual, or comprehension dyslexia, and of appeal to visual-spatial intelligence. The Loftier Learning and Literacy program that is taught, gives phonemic awareness and successive phonological processing build new circuitry in the brain for accurate word attack and smooth fluency. (Neuroplasticity results in new and permanent brain circuitry that solves reading difficulties). Students will be taught using a pictographic comprehension technique that assures long-term memory of textbook material.

Pathways Reading Therapy holds an award for Business Excellence in establishing a successful business and offering superior student services.

Lessons are offered in-office or via Web-Cam.

Pathways Reading Therapy was established in June 2014, and is located in Morden, Manitoba.