I really enjoyed my reading sessions with Mrs. Wiens. She was fun, interested in what I was doing and listened to what I said. She was patient with me when I was having a hard time figuring out a word. Mrs. Wiens helped me figure out reading strategies and tips to make it easier. I learned a lot from her.

Kadence (age 10)


I like how the reading skills are taught in a logical, progressive sequence. Also the one-on-one environment supports the student at their comfort level.

Lori Wigmore
Educational Assistant
College Heights Christian School


My daughter did the reading program with Lori Wiens, and we saw improvement fairly quickly. Her confidence in reading has grown a lot, and now she happily reads on her own. I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with reading.

College Heights Christian School


We have successfully partnered with Pathways Reading Therapy for many years now. Their individualized approach to helping each student has benefited many of our students and families. We have seen students improve their reading skills and confidence.

Heidi Morehouse- Principal
Prairie Adventist Christian eSchool


I was so happy to hear of Ed’s fast progress!  Ed told me earlier that he felt the reading lessons were helping him.  Every now and then our church has our children read a chapter from Steps to Christ aloud in church as the sermon.  Ed previously complained bitterly about not being able/comfortable to do this; even with the shortest chapter.  The last time (a few weeks ago) he didn’t complain at all, but attacked the chapter – and it was an unusually long one, he didn’t complain afterwards which tells me that his confidence level has grown immensely.  Thank you so much for the work you do for our kids.  It certainly impacts their life in a hugely positive manner.

Now Ed just needs practice and, thankfully, he very much wants to complete his private pilot’s licence soon, (and the commercial one next year) which requires a lot of technical reading for information and assimilation of that information.   I believe you’ve given him the tools he needs to complete his goal.

(November 2017)


I cannot tell you how much we truly appreciate all you have done. The skills you were able to help Ty develop have been truly life changing. We had been told several times that it was impossible for Ty to read at grade level, and to see him reading and asking to go to the library is incredible. 
You and your work is so important and appreciated! It will be amazing to have him reading at a Grade 9 level so we can confidently move onto other skills and subjects. 
Laura D.